Academy of Geriatric Cancer Research (AgeCare) is an Elite Research Center
located at Odense University Hospital in Odense, Denmark.

November, 2022    

The AgeCare steering committee invited young onco-geriatric researchers to present their research at a joint hospital-university research meeting. Many interesting talks were given including talks with the titles: ”The Geriatric 8 Predicts Standandard Treatment and Treatment Adherence in Older Patients with Cancer (PROGNOSIS-G8)” and ”Determinants of poor quality of life in older cancer patients: A mixed methods study.”

July, 2022    

Helena Ditzel, the Department of Oncology, and Ann-Kristine Weber Giger, The Geriatric Research Unit, begin their 3 months international PhD research stay at the Department of Geriatric Oncology at University of Rochester Medical Center and J.P. Wilmot Cancer Institute, NY, USA. Here they will be conducting research together with world-leading expert in Geriatric Oncology, Dr. Supriya Mohile and her geriatric oncology team.

August, 2021    

In two articles in Journal of Geriatric Oncology the protocols of two ongoing prospective AgeCare studies are described. Both studies evaluate the predictive value of geriatric oncology screening and geriatric assessment of older patients with cancer.

Predictive value of geriatric oncology screening and geriatric assessment of older patients with cancer: A randomized clinical trial protocol (PROGNOSIS-RCT)

Predictive Value of Geriatric Oncology Screening and Geriatric Assessment in Older Patients with Solid Cancers: Protocol for a Danish prospective cohort study (PROGNOSIS-G8)

May, 2021    

In the Danish Medical Journal (Ugeskrift for Læger) Henrik Ditzel, Chair of AgeCare, discuss what makes some older women with operable early breast cancer not accept offers of surgery.

March, 2021    

A Danish nationwide, prospective study shows that cytotoxic therapy are not associated with adverse outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 infection for patients with solid cancer. Whereas patients with progressive disease seem to be at greater risk of a fatal outcome from COVID-19.

April, 2020   

Compared with younger persons, there is less evidence to guide treatment decisions for older persons with cancer, because this group is underrepresented in clinical trials. Older persons with cancer constitute a heterogeneous group, some being fit, some vulnerable, and some even frail. By now, geriatric assessment has not been implemented in oncologic care in Denmark.
A donation from the Danish Cancer Society allow us to start PhD projects, where results will contribute sufficient knowledge to allow us to develop guidelines for geriatric assessment in Denmark.  

Kristian Kirkelund Bentsen will start as a PhD student and study outcomes and side effects to sterotactic body radiation therapy to older patients with lung cancer.
February, 2020     
Article in "Tæt på kræft, Feb. 2020, Nr. 1" (click picture to view larger edition):
February, 2020     
Helena Ditzel, the Department of Oncology, and Ann-Kirstine Weber Giger, The Geriatric Research Unit, will start as PhD students and study geriatric assessment of persons aged 70 years or more with cancer.
November, 2019     

We are pleased that The Danish Cancer Society has decided to support three research projects initiated by our AgeCare scientists. In one of the projects, the main purpose is to evaluate the advantages of optimizing older cancer patients general conditions before cancer treatment. In another project, essential factors that contribute to the optimal radiation therapy of older cancer patients will be identified. At last, the third project will elucidate the need for spiritual care training for older cancer patients.

February, 2019     
DCCC Age seminar highlights national protocols and consensus in geriatric assessments
October 29, 2018     

We are pleased to announce that Board of Odense University Hospital has decided to extend funding of the AgeCare Elite Research Center for the period 2019-2023. We are very grateful for their decision and contribution to the center, as well as the contribution of all participants to this success.

In the new application WP6 and WP7 were combined to WP6.
October 29, 2018     
Marianne Ewertz, Professor of Clinical Oncology and Head of Research, Dept. of Oncology, Odense University Hospital, and Chair of AgeCare since September 1st 2017, has decided to step down as Head of Research in Dept. of Oncology and Chair of AgeCare. We thank Marianne deeply for her great contribution with the management of the Elite center, which among many other things has resulted in the extension of funding. We are happy that Marianne Ewertz remains an active member of the center.
Professor Henrik Ditzel, who has been intimately involved in the AgeCare Elite Research Center from its beginning (and work package leader of WP2) will per October 1st 2018 succeed Marianne Ewertz as Chair of AgeCare and Head of Research in the Department of Oncology.
September, 2018     

The Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) supports Trine Lembrecht Jørgensens application in establishing a national network group called DCCC AGE that will facilitate research within geriatric assessments in older cancer patients.

September 27, 2018     
Followup on AgeCare Symposium on August 24, 2018:
Selected pictures from the Symposium.

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Symposium2018 Symposium2018
Symposium2018 Symposium2018 Symposium2018
Lectures from the Symposium. Click to open as PDF in new window. Some files may be large (up to 5 MB), so please be patient.
Speaker Title of lecture Link to slides
Marianne Ewertz Welcome Open slides in PDF
Dorothy Keefe Management of elderly cancer patients Open slides in PDF
WP1: M.Ewertz  Trends in cancer in the elderly Open slides in PDF
WP1: H.Frederiksen  Lymphomas and other haematological cancers in the elderly  Open slides in PDF
Martin Villumsen  Late Effects of Cancer and Cancer-Treatment in Danish Twins and Singletons  Open slides in PDF
WP2: H.Ditzel  Cancer biology and molecular biomarkers in elderly cancer patients.  Open slides in PDF
Birgitte Bjørnhart  Impact of age and comorbidity on effect of treatment, adverse effects and Quality of Life in lung cancer patients receiving immunotherapy  Open slides in PDF
Marianne Vogsen  Adherence to treatment guidelines and survival in women with early-stage breast cancer aged 70 years or more in Denmark  Open slides in PDF
Ricardo Audisio  How to improve surgical outcomes for older cancer patients  Open slides in PDF
WP3: L.Lund  Liquid biopsy in elderly men with prostate cancer  Open slides in PDF
Mads Hvid Poulsen  Bone health and body composition changes in men treated with androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer  N/A
WP4: O. Hansen  Analyses of outcome and side effects after radiotherapy in the elderly patients with localized or locally advanced NSCLC  Open slides in PDF
Stefan S. Jeppesen  Impact of comprehensive geriatric assessment in patients with non-small cell lung cancer treated with stereotactic body radiotherapy.  Open slides in PDF
Rana Bahij  Overall survival in elderly patients with SCLC  Open slides in PDF
WP5: P.Pfeiffer  Treatment of elderly patients with colorectal cancer  Open slides in PDF
Stine B. Winther  NORDIC9: A randomized phase II trial evaluating first line treatment strategy in older and frail patients with metastatic colorectal cancer  Open slides in PDF
WP5: N.Abildgaard  Treatment of geriatric haematological cancer; from clinical trials to daily clinic – and vice-versa  N/A
CØ. Svendsen  Video consulted patient rounds at a Haematological Ward – experiences from relatives  Open slides in PDF
WP6: Trine L. Jørgensen  Polypharmacy, potential inappropriate medications, and drug interactions in older patients with ovarian cancer  N/A
Sambavy Nadaraja  Significance of Geriatric Assessment for Optimal Treatment of Older Cancer Patients  Open slides in PDF
WP7: N.C.Hvidt  Existential and spiritual needs of older cancer patients  Open slides in PDF
WP7: K.Dieperink  Adverse effects and supportive care for radiated prostate cancer patients and partner. A review of studies in AgeCare.  Open slides in PDF
NI Andersen  Caregivers and Cancer. A Participatory Design Study  N/A
March 7, 2018    
August 23, 2018  
Professor of Clinical Oncology, Jørn Herrstedt, leaves his position as Chair of AgeCare and Head of Research at Odense University Hospital per September 1st 2017 due to a new position as Head of Research in Oncology, Region of Zealand. Jørn Herrstedt will continue as co-chair of WP6.
Marianne Ewertz, Professor of Clinical Oncology, has been appointed Head of Research, Dept. of Oncology, Odense University Hospital, and Chair of AgeCare per September 1st 2017.
November 27, 2016  
Minutes from the Danish Cancer Society Symposium 2016 organised by AgeCare

Click on left picture or here to download the minutes.

Click right picture or here to download the symposium program.
November 21, 2016  
Former General Manager Line Haslund has (after excellent work for AgeCare) decided to stop in order to devote herself to the work of the Clinical Research Unit at the Department of Oncology at full time.
It is our pleasure to announce that Christina Nordenbæk has been appointed General Manager of AgeCare per November 1st 2016. Christina has been a full time Project Coordinator also at the Clinical Research Unit at the Department of Oncology.
May 3, 2016  
We are proud to announce that the Academy of Geriatric Cancer Research in collaboration with the Danish Cancer Society will be hosting the symposium ” Cancer in the elderly”. The Symposium will take place from the 7-9 November 2016 in Copenhagen and the faculty will include national and international speakers. The symposium will uncover the topic “Cancer in the elderly” from basic research through translational research and also focus on implementation into clinical practice. Participation is free of charge, but only a maximum of 40 participants will be selected based on approval of an abstract. Applicants should submit an abstract summarizing one or more research projects in the area. The focus group is PhD students, Post Docs and senior scientist from the Danish research environment. Participants must apply the Danish Cancer Society.
For more information see
August 31, 2015    
AgeCare was officially nominated an Elite Research Center at Odense University Hospital, December 2013, and work was initiated January 2014.

The 5-year research plan was evaluated by an Assessment Committee including eight international top scientist and will be reviewed on an annual basis by an international Advisory Board.

The research plan is divided into seven work packages focusing on cancer epidemiology, biomarkers, surgery, radiotherapy, medical cancer treatment and supportive care (e.g. comorbidity, polypharmacy and rehabilitation) in older cancer patients (AgeCare Project).

AgeCare consists of 70 researches from different cancer-related disciplines. A Steering Committee includes all work package leaders and the General Manager (AgeCare Team) and will convene twice a year and ad hoc. The Steering Committee will guide the overall strategy and national and international collaboration.

AgeCare will strive for cooperation with other groups and societies in the field e.g. the Cancer and Aging Research Group (CARG) and the International Society for Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) and there are several members from these groups among the 18 international members of AgeCare. (AgeCare Team).

AgeCare plans to initiate 17 PhD courses (3-year positions) and 10 post doc courses (3-year 50% positions) over the period of 2014 to 2018. Apart from the 17 PhD degrees, this should eventually result in 80-90 peer-reviewed publications in international journals in five years.

As of September 2015, 8 PhD courses and 2 post doc positions have been initiated (see initiated projects below). Publications from the first AgeCare related trials are listed on this web site (Publications).

AgeCare will receive funding from Odense University Hospital (14 mill DKK over the period of 2014 to 2018) and is committed to seek funding for the rest of the 50 mill DKK budget. So far the Danish Cancer Society, Velux Foundation, Odense University Hospital Research Council and the University of Southern Denmark have contributed.

Please contact one of us, if you are interested in cooperating with AgeCare.

Christina Nordenbæk  Marianne Ewertz MD, DMSc   
General Manager  Head of AgeCare